Some of our patients have submitted their experience at our office, please read below.

Kim Paget:
     I wish to thank you very much for the excellent, professional and friendly services that you have provided to me. Because you have a dental lab on site, it allows you to efficiently and prompltly make the dentures.  Your excellent office staff, especially Brenda, results in a well run office.
Harold, Peterborough
We are faced with many decisions in our lifetime, some are difficult to ascertain but the answers to many uncertainties are as easy as common sense itself.  Recently I was in the hospital for dental surgery. I was informed it would take at least a month to heal enough to discuss partial dentures with a denturist.  When the month was up I had to decide which denturist I should call.  From past experiences, that decision was easy, I dialed Paget Denture Clinic.  A few years ago three of my bottom teeth had to be extracted leaving a gaping void right in the front of my mouth.  Of course I was in need of advice as to what procedures I would need.  I originally spoke with Kim Paget DD, it was immediately evident she was extremely knowledgeable in her profession but what impressed me the most was I was not just another patient!  Kim sincerely cared!  Within days I was wearing my new partial plate giving me peace of mind at such a low cost.  I relayed my experience to friends who were seeking a reliable denturist.
Once again I talked with Kim on the phone describing my hospital stay and once again she expressed her deep concern for my plight.  To my surprise she came directly to my home that evening bringing with her a kit to begin constructing a partial upper plate.  It was more like a visit from a friend; Kim went right to work over a cup of coffee molding what I would need and to my total surprise and satisfaction, returned to my home two nights late with my finished upper dentures.  Kim explained that when she, husband Wayne Paget DD and Melissa Hope DD complete their day serving patients in the office, most evening they visit shut-ins, retirement homes and people just like me.  My decision was easy.  There is a reason Paget Denture Clinic has been successful for over twenty five years; I am just one of those reasons hundreds of satisfied patients also made the right decision and called, Kim, Wayne and Melissa!    Russ Sanders
Russ Sanders, Peterborough
I am someone who has found generally customer service has gone downhill.  I am SO HAPPY to report a wonderful experience.  My mother is having a confusing day and has to go to Paget Denture Clinic (sorry Mom, yes you have dentures and I just told the Facebook world that) I was unable to take her and she called the office and asked what time her appointment was and who she should call for a taxi etc. and one of the girls at Paget's offered to pick her up and bring her in the clinic.  WOW that is service and a classy move.  I cannot even begin to express how amazing that is and how much it means to me!!
John-Matthew Hogan, Peterborough
It is truly a pleasure for me to write this letter of recommendation for Wayne, Kim and Melissa at Paget's Denture Clinic. We, at Lakeridge Dentistry have dealt with Wayne,  Kim and Melissa over the last few years, and I am happy to say, my patients have been truly delighted with their professionalism, work ethic, and their ability to truly step into the shoes of the patient, while recommending options towards their denture choices.
They have accommodated patients for me at short notice, and their work has been outstanding!
For anyone, looking for a Denturist, in the Kawarthas, we highly recommend the great team at Pagets!
Dr. Jyoti & Jitesh Datta, Peterborough
On behalf of the Golden Tones, I wish to thank you for advertising in our programme "50's, 60's and More" October 18th and 19th, 2013. With your support and hard work we are proud to donate $7,000.00 to Casa de Angelae and Community Living Peterborough. These organizations provide support to people in the Community.

Thank you,
Ted Higgins, Publicity Chairman
Kim, just a few words to let you know how very happy and satisfied I am with my Full Upper and Lower Partial. I can even sleep with them comfortably! Thank you, Joan.
Joan Mark, Peterborough

First we met Kim in the Charlotte Mews. Then we watched a romance evolve with Wayne from the ice cream store (Home made waffle cones). Then came a big move to Simcoe St. (Wayne gave up the cones). We met Brenda. During all this time along came all the Paget girls. Next a huge move to the clinic on Rubidge Street.

It's now a bit of a family affair with all their past and wonderful employees. When we go to Pagets, it feels like a home full of friends.

Thank you and congratulations on 25 years of business. Two of your First Patients,

Don and Janice Chambers
Thank you again for the excellent service that you and your staff provided to me. Your compassion and commitment to my satisfaction was just awesome. Understandably, losing your teeth is such a sensitive and private matter and I was so concerned about which avenue I would take to replace them. Thoughts about money, pain, comfort and looks were going through my head and you guided me through my options and suggested mini implants to secure my lower denture. It was such a quick and painless procedure when I had it done. After freezing was done, I was finished in less than 7 minutes to have the two implants placed. Then with your expertise my denture was adjusted to fit the implant and it is just perfect. Now I am very comfortable with my denture and can smile and eat with confidence. I have recommended the mini implants to several people I know and I couldn't be happier with my outcome.
Karen Pearce

I had lower implants done April 2012, it is the best investment that I have made for myself in a long time. The dental procedure was no worse than having a tooth pulled. It has given me a new lease on life as I can now eat anything without having to worry about my dentures coming loose. I used to worry when I visited someone as to what they would be serving for dinner but not now. I can enjoy corn on the cob ,hamburgers etc-etc.

My only regret is I waited so long to do it, I wish I had taken Kimberly's advice when she asked at the very beginning.

Dave Reid

Would like to thank you and your staff for the great job you did on my dentures. I was told by a lot of people how nice my smile was. you took very good care of me and made my smile so nice and white like my teeth where when I was young. You do care about the smile that some one has and know they look. I would tell any one to go to you if they needed dentures or even a repair. Keep up the great work. Please tell your staff I through they do a great job helping.

Thank you,

William Welch

Thank you so much, Kim for the kindness that you showed to my husband Joe, I value your opinion so much and I didn't want to proceed with any decision regarding his bridge that had fallen out without seeing you. You and your stadd have been wonderful and I can't thank you enough.

All the best,

Karen Pearce & Joe Stalteri
Being a patient of Pagets Denture Clinic is quite an experience. By the time you are welcomed by Brenda and staff at the front desk, all stress melts away.
Susan Irwin
I am so happy with the results of getting mini dental implants. It was not painful to have it done, as I was afraid it might be. I can eat everything again without worry. So amazing!

Special thanks to Kimberley for great work & caring. Thanks to Barkley for his work and to all the staff.
Judy Dunford
Kim, you make a big difference for so many, thank you.
Karen Pearce & Joe Stalteri
You've given me more back than just my smile.

Thanks again,
Thank you for always being so kind & helpful.
Thank you so very much for your generous donation to our group. Because of wonderful people like you we are all able to carry on helping newly diagnosed women with Breast Cancer and be a support to each other.

Many bleddings to you and your in the new year. 

Gail Flood & Ladies, Peterborough Breast Cancer Support Group
Thank you so very much for going the extra mile with the insurance company for me! I received the cheque today! 

It was a pleasure doing business with Brenda, Melissa, and everyone else at Pagets!
Gail Boucher