Implant Supported Dentures

Adjusting to the loss of natural teeth and replacing them with dentures can be a diffiicult process for many people.

When teeth are lost or broken, bone loss in the jaw occurs. This may cause difficulty with dentures for many people, causing dentures to become loose, with decreased stability and chewing ability.

Today, an affordable alternative is the dental implant.

A dental implant is an artificial root or support, made of titanium anchored permanently in the jaw. Implants provide support for either a single tooth or a foundation for a set of full or partial dentures.

Successfully in use since 1965, dental implants come as close as possible to replacing the stability and action of a natural tooth root. Originally used as a treatment for injury and later for cosmetic reasons, implant supported dentures have slowly gained favour among denture wearers.

People who choose implant supported teeth, such as bar retained implants report an amazing improvement in their quality of life.

A patient's medical history, a clinical examination, x-rays, a prosthetic guide and a surgical guide are necessary to determine whether you are a good candidate for implants. You, your denturist and a trained dental professional will evaluate and plan the number of implants, the type of prothesis and decide on the procedure that is best for your health.

Recent surgical advances along with computer modeling has significantly reduced the number of implants necessary to support a prothesis and shortenned the recovery time. These advances have made implants available to almost everyone with very few exceptions.

The comfort and stability of implant supported dentures improves general oral health, the ability to eat a variety of food and allows for superior long term aesthetics.

In addition, dental implants help preserve the jaw bone by providing stimulation previously supplied by the natural tooth root.

Activities such as recreational sports become enjoyable without fear of dislodging and losing a set of prosthetic teeth.

Not all denturists are trained and certified in implant procedures and technology. Paget Denture Clinic is happy to be able to offer clients this remarkable alternative in Peterborough and Lakefield, Ontario. Contact us today to see if implant supported dentures are right for you.