People of all ages wear dentures or dental plates.

Whether you are missing teeth due to the natural process of aging, an illness or an injury, dentures improve the quality of life for anyone who wears them.

Due to advancements in materials and clinical technique, the level of appearance, comfort, functionality and durability for replacement teeth has improved.

Implant supported dentures are one of the most exciting advancements in denturism today. Implants are a "life changing" solution to the loss of one or more teeth. Visit our page on implants or ask at the clinic if this is a treatment option you might want to explore.

Five steps to making a denture or dental plates

1. Phone Paget Denture Clinic. Our Denturists' specialize in dentures and dental plates, and fit them so they feel like your natural teeth. This initial consultation is the best time to discuss a treatment plan in detail, special medical needs that may affect your treatment, aesthetics, the type of denture you want and the cost.

2. Make An Impression. The denturist will make an impression of your gums. Your gums are reproduced using dental stone. This insures a custom fit that matches the condition of your mouth exactly. Due to advances in materials technology, making this impression is now comfortable and takes very little time.

3. Establish The Bite. Your denturist will establish your "bite" which is the exact position of your jaw when closed. Tastless wax bite blocks are used to establish this position. Your new dentures are then created in wax for the "try in".

4. Try-In. Because the dentures are for the moment made of wax, they can be easily modified for fitting, comfort, appearance and speech. You might bring along a trusted family member or friend to advise you on how your replacement teeth look. As our denture clinic has an on-site laboratory, most adjustments take very little time.

A try in might mean more than one visit if you or your denturist decide to make changes. It is important to speak up at this time, if you have any concerns. Once you are satistied with the result, the dentures will be finished in hard acrylic.

5. Final Fitting. The final stage is the fitting. The denturist will insert the dentures and make some small adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit. They will give you information on how to best care for your new teeth. In addition, we recommend you book a few follow-up appointments to make sure everything is going well.

AFTER YOUR DENTURE IS COMPLETE BOOK YOUR ANNUAL CHECKUP.  It is important to have your dentures checked by a professional on a yearly basis. Over time the condition of your mouth changes, so your denture may no longer fit as they did when first completed. Discomfort, difficulty chewing and a breakage of the denture can occur because of this. A simple checkup can be the difference between a small, inexpensive adjustment and costly, full-day repair. Read more about your Annual Checkup and Denture Maintanance.

Please consider that if ever your feel any discomfort with your denture to contact your denturist immediately; you don't need to wait for your annual checkup. There are simple answers to common issues and bringing these to the denturists attention gives you the opportunity to address them before the condition becomes a bigger problem.

If you are having a tooth extracted dentures can be designed to go in place immediately following the tooth extraction. We also do in-house immediate denture repair in the event of broken dentures. Please contact one of our offices in Peterborough or Lakefield to find out more information about our denture services.