Our Team

Meet the people who will be taking care of you at the Paget Denture Clinic.

They are a dedicated, hardworking group of professionals committed to go out of their way to make you feel right at home. A fun loving group, they will treat you with respect, courtesy and provide you with the best quality dentures and service.

Many have been with the clinic for over 10 years.

Wayne Paget DD (Denturist Specialist)


Kimberley Paget DD (Denturist Specialist)


Melissa Hope DD (Denturist Specialist)


Brenda Daly (Administrative Assistant)

Lana Perry (Administrative Assistant)

Brooks Paget (Administrative Assistant)

Barkley Neuman (Denturist Technician)

Neil Lebeau (Denturist Technician)

Whitney Paget (Advertising Spokesperson and Social Media Manager)


Rollean Barbeau (Financial Controller)


Archie Barbeau (Building Maintenance)